LED Light Bars

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  • Book Shelf Light Bar

    LED Light Bars $12.95$15.96
  • Colored USB LED Light Bar

    LED Light Bars $12.95
  • Motion Sensor Wardrobe LED Light Bar

    LED Light Bars $14.02$21.22
  • Touch Sensor LED Light Bar

    LED Light Bars $12.95
  • Wireless Infrared Sensor LED Light Bar

    LED Light Bars $20.16
  • Wireless LED Night Light Bar

    LED Light Bars $12.95$16.78
  • Why LED Light Bars Are So Popular?

    As the world of lighting fixtures has evolved, people have come out of their limited choices in lighting fixtures and thriving on the modern categories. With the help of new technology and new innovations, the lighting fixture industry has become very broad and the very popular LED light bars are a perfect example of a new-gen lighting fixture. Gone are those days when people were only limited to filament-based lighting fixture, with the growing concern towards energy-saving and with new technologies, LED-based lights have become the order of the day.  And what could be better than LED light bars which fit perfectly with all types of styles and home decors.

    LED bars lights are one of the most popular types of lighting fixtures that will not only lighten up your area elegantly but will also help you in sprucing up the overall look of your room. Whether you are looking forward to lightening up your bookshelf or have motion sensor lights in your wardrobe that turns on by detecting your presence, the modern and advanced LED light bars will fulfil all types of lighting purposes.

    Wide Range Of LED Light Bars

    At Radiant Home Lighting, we believe in customer satisfaction and that’s why we try to provide world-class products and services. Because of this approach, we have started introducing modern and advanced lighting fixtures for our customers at cost-effective prices and our wide array of LED light bars are a perfect example of our customer-centric approach. Radiant Home Lighting has been selling modern lighting fixtures in the industry for more than a decade and throughout our existence in the market, we have been able to build a stronger presence and better reputation. Our customers trust us because of the wide array of products, seamless shopping experience, world-class products, and pocket-friendly price. If you are planning to buy any kind of LED light bars then you can choose us and we assure you that you will have enhances lighting fixture shopping experience.

    We have some of the best available LED light bars in our new-gen lighting fixture category. If you are looking forward to throwing some light above your bookshelves but not in the mood to go with the traditional lighting system then you can go for our unique looking bookshelf light bars that will fit in like a glove in your limited budget. But if you are for something more advance in order to enhance your smart house then you can go for our advanced touch sensor LED light bars. You should know that we also have portable LED cabinet light bars and colored LED light bars in our new-gen lighting fixture category.

    How To Buy The Best LED Light Bars?

    If you not sure how to buy the best LED light bars that will fulfil your needs then you should ask yourself the below-mentioned question:-

    Why Am I Buying LED Light Bars?

    One of the first questions that you need to ask yourself is why am I buying LED light bars. As discussed above, now the market of LED light bars has become very big as LED is the new normal for lighting fixtures and LED light bars consume less space and provide uniqueness. Because of this, there are many types of LED light bars available in the market. If you will be clear about the purpose of buying LED light bars then it will become very easy for you to choose the narrow down the available options of LED light bars. For example, if you are buying LED light bars only as a showpiece then you don’t need to focus much on the brightness of the light bars. You will just have to focus on the looks and durability. But if you are going to buy LED light bars to lighten up an area in a unique way then you should definitely analyze the area covered by the light so that you can have enough light.

    Automatic or Manual?

    If you will go on for buying LED light bars for home then you will realize that there are basically two options of this new-gen lighting fixture; automatic and manual. You must be aware of the manual lighting fixture that we have been using from many decades but the new automatic LED light bars are something very unique. There are basically two types of automatic LED light bars; motion sensor and touch sensor. Both the automatic and manual LED light bars have their own advantages and disadvantages and choosing the right one depends on your personal preference and purpose of buying LED light bars.

    What Is My Budget?

    One more important thing to look at while buying LED light bars is how much you can afford. There is no denial in the fact that LED light bars are not a very big investment but if you will not have a fixed budget in your mind then ending up with a costly lighting fixture is very easy. You can begin your hunt by searching for LED light bars on only those websites that are offering affordable pricing. For example, at Radiant Home Lighting, all our lighting fixtures are pocket-friendly. Next, you should start filtering the available options of LED light bars on the basis of your budget. Your budget for LED lighting fixtures shouldn’t be so low that you have to compromise with the quality but it should also not so much high that your monthly expenditure limit gets disrupted.

    One of the best ways to buy LED light bars at an economical price is to prefer online shopping rather than buying the same from your local market. You should know that, because of the neck-wrenching competition on the online market, most of the websites offer huge discounts on their lighting fixtures and that’s why you should always prefer buying LED light bars for home online in line with your needs and budget.