Motion Sensor LED Lights

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  • LED Motion Sensor Night Lights

    Motion Sensor LED Lights $21.41
  • Mini LED Motion Sensor Lights

    Motion Sensor LED Lights $7.95$10.99
  • Motion Sensor Wardrobe LED Light Bar

    LED Light Bars $14.02$21.22
  • PIR Solar Power Motion Sensor Lights

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  • Wireless Infrared Sensor LED Light Bar

    LED Light Bars $20.16
  • Wireless LED Motion Sensor Lights

    Motion Sensor LED Lights $14.86
  • Why Motion Sensor LED Lights Are Becoming So Popular?

    In the current era, you are no longer limited to filament bulbs when it comes to lighting fixtures. Just like all the other industries, the lighting fixture industry has become very advanced and now people have a wide array of options. In the technology-driven era, IT professionals are stepping up the game of lighting fixtures and using advanced technologies in different types of lighting fixtures. This integration of technology in lighting fixtures has led to a new kid on the block; motion sensor lights.

    Motion sensor lights are one of the most advanced types of lighting fixtures available in the current market. If you are looking to upgrade your house and enhance the system of lighting in your house by integrating advanced technology in it then you should definitely use motion sensor lights. You might be thinking that the world of motion sensor lights is very small and there will be only a handful of motion sensor lights available in the market. But that is not the case, just after its launch in the market, motion sensor lights became a huge success and now the market of motion sensor LED lights has become very big.

    How Motion Sensor Light Works?

    You must be very curious about the functioning of motion sensor lights because, for all those people who don’t have an IT background, motion sensor lights are nothing less than magic to them. You should know that the motion-sensing feature installed on most of the lights is basically a passive system that is able to detect infrared rays. And this is why they are mostly known as Passive Infrared detectors or pyroelectric sensors. In order to make the sensor detect the human being, the sensor is made sensitive enough to detect the human body temperature. You should know that a skin temperature of 93 degrees Fahrenheit radiates infrared energy with an average wavelength of 9 micrometres. This is why most of the sensors installed on the lights are sensitive to the infrared rays between 8 to 10 micrometres.

    Your motion sensor lights have basically a wide field of view due to the lens that covers the sensors. In most of the cases, there is a single sensor in motion sensor lights that detects infrared rays from your body and then turns on automatically.

    Wide Array Of Motion Sensor Lights

    Radiant Home Lighting is well known in the market for its advanced and new-gen lighting fixture. From retro looking wall lights to new-gen lighting fixtures, we encompass all. This is one of the main reasons why our motion sensor light category is one of the bestselling categories in our list. We know that the needs and demands of customers keep on changing according to the changing market and evolving technology and that’s why we adapt to those changes.

    Our motion sensor lighting fixture category is a perfect example of our adaptability to the changing landscape of the market. We have a wide array of motion sensor lights and you can easily buy the best one, make the payment and get it delivered to your doorstep without any hassle. From responsive and long-lasting LED motion sensor night light to PIR solar power motion sensor lights, we have each and every type of motion sensor light fixture you need.

    Even if you are looking for a motion sensor light that lightens up automatically whenever you open it and put your hand to take out your clothes, you can choose us without any second thoughts. Our advanced motion sensor wardrobe LED light bar will fulfil advanced wardrobe lighting need and you don’t even need to spend too much on that. All our motion sensor LED lights for home might be very advanced and durable but they will never burn a hole in our pocket. We keep the prices affordable so that you don’t have to skip our website because of budget constraints. While shopping from us, words like unaffordable become meaningless.

    Things to look for while buying motion sensor LED lights

    Why Do I Need Motion Sensor LED Lights For Home?

    Whether you are using it for outdoor purposes or indoor purpose, motion sensor lights surely provide security and energy efficiency to you. This might be one of the main reasons why you are looking forward to buying motion sensor LED lights but there can be other reasons as well. Your main reasons for buying motion sensor lights will ease your process of zeroing down the available list of options. If you are going to buy it for energy-saving purpose then you might go for solar-powered motion sensor lights or if you are looking forward to buying motion sensor lights for nights then you can go for those motion sensors lights that are specifically designed for nights.

    Which Type Of Power Source Will Be A Better Option?

    Choosing the right power source of your motion sensor light is also very necessary. If you will go on shopping for motion sensor lights then you will get options for hardwired, solar-powered and battery-powered. All these power sources have their own advantages and disadvantages and that’s why choosing the best power source motion sensor lights totally depends on your own needs and requirements. One of the best advantages of using solar powered motion sensor lights is that you don’t have to install them in an electric outlet. In addition to this, they will help you in reducing your electric bill as well. But on the other hand, wired motion sensor lights will never have any effect because of a cloudy day. So, choose the right power source as per your needs.

    How Much Area My Motion Sensor Light Is Going To Cover?

    You should also look at the area that your motion sensor light is going to cover. You should know that the area that you motion sensor light is going to cover depends on the range of the motion sensor and even on the brightness of the bulb. If you are looking to light up a small area then you can go for mini motion sensor lights.