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Learn How To Clean Your Light Fixture Like A Professional

Lighting fixtures are surely one of the most important parts of any house. It doesn’t matter which type of home décor you have or which type of theme you have chosen for the interior of your home, if you will not have proper lighting fixture, then all your effort of making your home look good will go astray. In the current era, the options of lighting fixtures have widened. From modern LED wall lights to glittering ceiling lights, there are many options. Now people buy modern LED wall lights for home online. But just buying lighting fixtures isn’t enough as you also need to keep the lighting fixture clean.

There are many benefits of keeping your lighting fixture clean. From increasing the lifespan of the lighting fixture to making it look good and presentable, there are many reasons to keep your lighting fixture clean. But not everybody is aware of the right way to clean different types of lighting fixtures. This is why in this blog post, we have come up with some of the best tips that you can use to clean your lighting fixture like a professional.

Regular Cleaning

It doesn’t matter which type of lighting fixture you are using, they all are notorious for allowing dust and debris to settle easily. But if you will make a habit of regularly cleaning your lighting fixture then you can prevent it from getting buried beneath a thick layer of dust. All the wall lights and table lights can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth but when it comes to the ceiling lights then you will surely need an extendable duster. Instead of always searching for a table or chair, you will just have to take your extendable duster and reach even the top of the ceiling light without any hassle. If you are cleaning wall lights or ceiling lights then it is necessary to use microfiber cloths.

Stay Safe

Cleaning lighting fixture is not like cleaning your table or chair. If you will be careless while cleaning lighting fixture then it can lead to a serious accident. You should always turn off the light from the switchboard before you start cleaning the lighting fixture. If possible, you should take out the MCB from the switchboard where the lighting fixture has been connected. But even with a switched off lighting fixture, you should never use a damp cloth, especially while dealing with the holder of the lighting fixture. The current passing through the lighting fixture is very dangerous and that’s why you should always take proper precaution. Turning off the light from the circuit breaker is the best approach for cleaning any type of lighting fixture.

Follow A Precise Method

Seeing dust on your lighting fixture and just taking the cloth lying behind you to clean the lighting fixture isn’t the right approach. If you want to clean your lighting fixture precisely then you should plan it and follow a step by step method. You should first make a checklist of the important things that you will need to clean the lighting fixture like canned air, water, gentle all-purpose cleaner, flat head screwdriver, dusting sheets, etc. After that, you should turn off the lights and then remove all the different types of shades and cover on the light. Then you should clean the frame first and move to the center of the lighting fixture. By following this step by step method, you will be able to clean your lighting fixture without any hassle.

Cleaning a lighting fixture is not rocket science. All you need to clean your lighting fixture properly is the right tool and knowledge of the lighting fixture that you are going to clean. Because of the availability of different types of lighting fixtures, you will have to use different approaches. For example, if you are going to clean a crystal lighting fixture then you will have to extra cautious as these types of lighting fixtures are quite fragile but that is not the case with metal lighting fixture.

Use the tips mentioned in this blog post and clean your lighting fixture like a pro. Never forget to buy the right tools that you will need to clean your lighting fixtures.

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