Bathroom Pendant Lights Ideas

3 Modern Bathroom Pendant Lighting Ideas You Should Try

Do you know that bathroom is one of the busiest room in any house? It’s also a room that your guests will most likely visit.

So, making sure your bathroom looks great will surely leave a great impression on your guests.

Let’s explore how you can use pendant lighting fixtures in your bathroom.

3 Bathroom Pendant Lighting Ideas For Your Bathroom

Pendant lighting has this decorative nature that brings a creative touch to any room.

However, not many use pendant light to spice up their bathroom.

We’ve decided to share 3 unique ways you can use pendant lights in your bathroom.

Pendant Light as Bathroom Ambient Lighting

Imagine you walk into the bathroom and being greeted with a hanging pendant light like this.

Bathroom Pendant Lights Ambience

That’s a great way to wow your guests while showing off your creative taste.

Bathroom Pendant Lights For Better Ambiance

A handing pendant light is especially great for bathroom with high ceiling. It really draws the attention of anyone entering the bathroom.

On the other hand, it helps to bring the light lower for better illumination, and add a relaxing luxury-spa feel to any bathroom.

Pro Tips: You want to make sure the pendant light is low enough to be seen but not too low that a tall person may hit his/her head.

Pendant Lights As Bathroom Vanity Lighting

You can use pendant lights around your vanity area in your bathroom.

This brings a fresh look to your bathroom and draws the eye towards your vanity unit.

You need to make sure that the pendant light complements your bathroom design. This helps to give a more unique look without looking out of place.

pendant light over bathroom vanity

Image Source: Pinterest

In the image above, we see two golden-coloured pendant lights hanging just above both the vanity mirrors, giving it a very elegant look with its reflection.

Ensuring the pendant lights aren’t too low is the key here. We want the reflection to be on the vanity mirrors but not too low that it becomes an inconvenience when using the vanity mirrors.

Pendant Light Over Bathtub

Pendant Lights Over Bathtub

Source 1: Pinterest, Source 2: Pinterest

Having a pendant light over your bathtub gives off a romantic vibe.

In the first image, you see a modern and minimalistic version with a white bathroom, contrasting with a black hanging pendant light.

The second image gives off such a romantic ambience with its yellow lighting over the bathtub, giving it a very luxurious taste.

Both this image gives you a very different feeling. Choosing the correct pendant light that matches your bathroom main colour and design is an important factor.

Here are 2 more examples of using pendant lights over your bathtub.

Chandeliers Over Bathtub

Source 1: Pinterest, Source 2: Pinterest

Imagine soaking in your bathtub, looking at these eye-pleasing chandeliers. Isn’t that satisfying?

Again, you should buy bathroom pendant lighting that matches your bathroom design, especially in terms of colour.

Is it safe to use pendant light in the bathroom?

It is safe to use pendant light in the bathroom. The only thing you need to take note is that the pendant light should be away from any water source. i.e it should not be near the showerhead.

If you plan to use it near any water source, then you should look for IP rated fittings. Usually, an IP44 rating is sufficient for this case. You can read more about bathroom lighting safety here.

How to hang pendant lights in the bathroom?

You should hang the pendant light around the eye level but not too low that it bumps on people’s head. Around 7-feet from the floor should be good enough.

You should not hang it too near to the wall as well. Make sure there is enough space between the light and the wall.

If you are using the pendant light at the entryway, make sure to hang it near to the door.

How far should pendant lights be from the wall?

If you are using the pendant light as the main light source in your bathroom, try hanging it 4-feet away from any surrounding walls. This is to ensure that it can cast more light on the bathroom as a whole.

If the diameter of your pendant light is large, considering a bigger distance from the wall, otherwise it may look weird.

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