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Look for Lumes and Kelvin Temperature while Buying Right LED Light Bulbs for Home

If you think that choosing the right LED light bulbs for home is an easy task, then think twice. Just like sunlight, even light bulbs give us the energy to stay awake or feel drowsy by producing different kinds of lights. Some bulbs emit blue light waves that allow the brain to produce serotonin for staying alert and focused. On the other hand, some varieties of bulbs do not emit blue light waves and allow our brain to produce melatonin and make us feel drowsy for enjoying a comfortable sleep. Thus, do you really think it makes sense to install LED bulbs emitting blue lights in a bedroom and non-blue lights in the living room? Hence, it is important to buy LED light bulbs for home online only after gathering the right knowledge about these lighting fixtures.

Everyone knows that LED is an abbreviated form of light-emitting diode and uses less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. They are cost-effective and durable also. So, let’s uncover those facts that are uncommon.

Lumens for Brightness: Lumens and watt are two common terms associated with bulbs. The former measures brightness and the latter indicates energy usage. If you are buying a LED bulb for the bedroom, the suggested total brightness level would be 1,500- 4,000 lumens. Similarly, the suggested total brightness level for a spacious dining room is 3,000 to 6, 000 lumens. For your information, a 1600 lumens bulb is as bright as 100 wattage incandescent bulbs, so now you can make calculations easily.

Decoding Color Temperature: Kelvin temperature scale indicates whiter or yellowish light color of a bulb. This temperature scale generally falls between 2, 700- 6,500 Kelvin. The low-temperature score means bulbs are more yellow and warmer giving an appearance of natural light and a higher temperature range indicates brighter and whiter light. So, if you are planning to buy Corn LED light bulbs for a living room, the suggested color temperature would be 2700- 5000 Kelvin as brighter colors in the kitchen help us stay alert while preparing the meals. If you have any confusion regarding which LED light bulbs for homes to buy, go ahead with the lower Kelvin scale as warm light is more suitable for homes. For work areas like high scale offices, high-Kelvin lights in unnatural blues and red colors look great but they do not work in residential settings. 

Watch for CRI- While buying LED light bulbs for a home online, how many times have you looked for a CRI label? You might say, never. The CRI stands for Color Rendering Index and it indicates the color accuracy for lights. 100 is considered as a perfect accuracy score. So, next time, if you are buying LED light bulbs online, look for the CRI score. A LED bulb with CRI scores like 90’ or 80’s indicates good LED lighting. If you are planning to install color changing light bulbs with remote control in your dining space, invest money in those LED bulbs having a CRI score greater than 70’s. 

Go Smart with Smart Features: The online market offers different styles and shapes of LED bulbs. Some bulbs fall in the smart category and easy to program and control with a smartphone app. These bulbs have additional features like color-changing. Such kinds of LED bulbs are great for decorative purposes and make a great addition to outdoor lighting. Indeed, these bulbs are more expensive than their counterparts.

It is a well-known fact that LED bulbs last longer but not all LED’s. Poorly made LED lights for a home have a shorter life span and even the quality of light is not good. Thus, if you want to buy a quality LED bulb, choose a decorative piece like an energy-saving LED Edison LED light bulb that has an average lifespan of 80000 hours.  Indubitably, the LED lights with a longer life are a little expensive than usual lights but they have prolonged life thus outweighing the cost. Secondly, pay equal attention to their installation part. Some LED’s are easy to install whereas some demand professional skills. Thirdly, if you want to save your time and money, then buy LED light bulbs for home online.  Many online companies are dealing with high-quality and stylish designer fixtures. These stores offer different kinds of lighting that make a good choice to install in a bedroom, kitchen, living room and so on. So, choose a reputed online supplier of high quality LED lighting fixtures and place your order. 

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