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LED Light Bulbs For Home – Indispensable Replacement To Conventional Bulbs

If you will look at the current lighting industry and compare it with what it used to be a couple of years ago then you will notice many significant changes. You should know that just in a couple of years, the lighting fixture industry has gone through an amazing transformation. And the credit of this amazing transformation goes solely to technological evolution. There are many new lighting fixtures available in the market and one such lighting technology which has been made possible because of the evolution is LED lights.

The Light Emitting Diodes or what is more popularly known as LED lights are currently the latest and the most fascinating technological advancements in the lighting industry. You should know that LED lights are small, solid light bulbs that are long lasting, energy efficient and even more powerful in comparison to the traditional lights. Now the market of LED lights has widened a lot and there are many options of LED lights available in the market. The way in which LED light bulbs for home operate is completely different from traditional lights and this is why they last much longer. So, let’s go through some of the most common advantages of using the amazing LED lights.


You will be dumbfounded to know that the average lifespan of LED bulbs is more than 60,000 hours and that of a traditional bulb is only 1,500 hours. You should know that if you buy good quality LED light bulbs then they can last for at least 7 years. A normal LED light bulb has 7 times more lifespan than a normal bulb and this is one of the major advantages of preferring LED light bulbs over traditional bulbs. The long lifespan of LED bulb will minimize frequent replacement cost and you also be available to reduce down the maintenance cost.


Another major advantage of using LED light bulbs is safety and this is surely one of the most talked about advantages of using the durable LED light bulbs. If you are going to buy LED light bulbs then you should know that LED lights don’t produce any warmth and that’s why they are cool to touch and handle. It can also be left switched on for hours without consequences if touched. In addition to this, LED light produces 3.5 BTU’s/hour in comparison to 85 for traditional bulbs. LED reduces the potential of safety dangers and that’s why they are safer than any other type of lights.

Energy efficient

If you want to save some money on energy bills then you should go for LED lights without any second thoughts. You should know that LED lights are very energy efficient in comparison to the normal lights and you don’t have to compromise with the quality of light as well. If you use good quality LED bulbs then they will consume 90% less energy in comparison to the traditional bulbs. So, this means that you can reduce the electricity bill upto 30–40% just by switching to the energy efficient LED lights. So you can say that LED lights are much cheaper energy than traditional lights.


If you will be using traditional light bulbs then you will not be able to direct the light towards something and this is one of the biggest limitations posed by the traditional light. If you will not be able to direct the lights then you will not be able to properly use the lighting. But that is not the case when you buy LED light bulbs for home online. Each and every type of LED light that you will use will be directional and that’s why you can make it focus at a point instead of getting scattered lighting. So, if you use LED lights then no light will be wasted.

As you can see LED lights offer many advantages over traditional lights and this is why you should always prefer LED lights. There are many people who think that LED lights are not durable and safe but you should know that all these things are just myths and if you want to save money and stay safe then you should go with LED lights without any second thoughts.

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