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Install Motion Sensor Lighting Sensibly to Avoid Entry of Intruders at Home

Installing motion sensor LED lights is one trend becoming common in residential settings as an effective way to increase home security. Even many statistics highlight the fact that the rate of crime is lower in well-lit communities compared to poor lighting areas.  Installing these lighting systems keeps fear at bay especially when a person is coming home during the night and needs to park his car in a dark garage or cross the dark area of the yard before entering into a house.  As soon as he steps inside, the motion activates the lighting systems and it turns on the lights. Another benefit of using these lightings is they are inexpensive and easy to install. Thirdly, even if you have installed these lightings inside your home, you need not to turn them on manually, they will detect your physical movement easily. This is the main reason these lighting solutions are considered as child and elderly-friendly.

How Motion Sensor Lighting Works?

The motion sensor easily detects infrared waves that every moving object radiates right from human beings to animals. When the detectors detect warmer objects, it turns on the light electronically. Depending upon the preset timer, these lights remain on from one to twenty minutes and after that, they turn off in case of no movement.

Though motion sensor LED lights for home are easy to install anywhere, installing them at the right places inside and outside the house is a key to the home security system. Some of the most sought-after areas for installing them are near patios, decks and around stairways. Other areas that seem to be potentially apt for these lightings to be installed are:

The Garage: If you own multiple cars or luxury cars, chances remain high that thieves target the garage. Thus, it makes sense to place motion sensor lights on both sides of the garage doors. Even installing these lights inside the garage is a good decision as they will automatically turn on as soon as thieves enter from sources other than doors.

Exterior Entryways: Thieves seldom plan to enter into a house either from a front or back door. They know people prefer installing motion sensor lights in such places, therefore they look for side doors or exterior entryways. So, restrict their entry by installing mini LED motion sensor lights at points like exterior entryways, driveway and near gate openings. These lights are available in various emitting colors like white, yellow, blue and red, thereby enabling a homeowner can choose in sync with his/her taste and preference.

Natural Hiding Places: Thieves think differently, therefore they prefer entering houses from such places that are not easy to notice. Such areas are naturally hidden places of a house and commonly include pools, large open spaces and gardens. Placing motion sensor lighting in such areas easily highlight their presence if they are trying to break in a house from such places.

We have discussed the best places to install motion sensor LED lights for home but these lights are not good to install everywhere in a house. There are certain areas where a person should avoid placing them. For instance, avoid placing a wireless infrared sensor LED light bar near windows. It is because blowing leaves may fool the detector and it may turn on the light. This leaves you wondering whether or not an intruder enters the house. Moreover, avoid placing these lights near heat source which may give a false impression of any intruder.

General Tips for Installing Motion Sensor Lightings

  • Place the lights at the right height so that they illuminate the wider area before being getting spotted. Ideally, mount them 6-10 feet above the ground.
  • As mentioned above, heat can confuse the detector so place these lights away from the heat or in those areas that cannot come into direct contact of the sunlight.
  • Do not forget to adjust the distance range of motion detector and field-of-view angel so that lights wouldn’t turn off with every movement of passing traffic, animals or wind-blown trees.

Good lighting does not only restrict the entry of intruders, but it keeps them away due to the fear of getting spotted. So, stay safe and stay happy by choosing a high quality and designer motion sensor LED lights for home.

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